Book Title Wende dein Gesicht der Sonne zu
Author Obiora Ike
Publisher Pattloch Verlag GmbH & Co. KG
Year of Publication 2007
Language German
ISBN 3629021573
No. of Pages 271
About this book

Obiora Ike, professor and Catholic priest from Enugu in Nigeria, did her doctorate in Bonn in theology and philosophy. Rhenish wisdom and proverbs from Nigeria are just as common to him.

As his country's spokesman for reconciliation and dialogue with Muslims, he is a living legend in Nigeria. This makes him uncomfortable and so he barely escaped an assassination attempt in 2002.

“The Black Prophet” is always invited to Church and Catholic Days when the organizers hope for a mega dose of optimism, a vitamin injection for the soul.

So is his book! He wants to give something back to Germany, where he has experienced so much love and friendship: African wisdom full of courage and zest for life and the unique observations of a man who commutes between two worlds with wit and eloquence. Because Germany has changed and Obiora Ike is surprised: "What are you afraid of, where have your joy and optimism gone?"

He calls out the African proverb to the frustrated Christians in Germany: "Turn your face to the sun ... and you leave the shadows behind you."

His book holds the mirror in front of our eyes and shows how rich and blessed our country is. And it encourages us to become more African! Although he is highly educated, Obiora Ike gets by without theological and intellectual ballast and theory. So the book reads extremely quickly and entertaining - a pleasure.

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