Date (2021) Event Topic
30 January India Conference Keynote speech in Bangalore on Peace and Ethics
2 February Kenya AACC Nairobi GEN ACAP Training for African Church Leadership in African Regions - AACC
5 February United People Global for Sustainability (UPGS) The importance of Ethics training – Foundation for Higher Education institutions
10 February Webster University students online Lectures The SDGs Agenda 2030 and the Encyclical Laudato Si of Pope Francis
15 February World Academy pf Arts and Science (WAAS) at 60th anniversary Celebrating the United Nations at 75 and the WAAS at 60 – Anniversary celebrations on the future of Humanity
19 February a) WAAS Fellows AGM Zoom meeting on the challenges to Arts and Sciences in 2021 – OI speech.
26 February Webinar EMET Ethics management Excellence Tools MET meeting
1 March UPGS Lectures Ethics – The foundation for a sane and stable society
9 March UPGS Lectures Ethics - The Foundation for a sane and stable society
22 March UPGS Ethical Living and practical steps – Keynote speech
8 April Club of Rome Zoom Africa Planetary Emergency and response of the Club of Rome to Global Governance and Ethical issues
5 May UPGS Ethics – The foundation for a sane and stable society - OI Ethics lecture
21 May India Conference - Teaching Ethics in Management drives sustainable development OI Ethics lecture – Ethics and sustainability
25/26 May Plateau State university Council Meeting Keynote – University Education founded on Ethics is the guarantor for a future sound society
11 June Berlin – German Government Ministry of Economic Cooperation - Zoom Conference The Role of Ethics for Religion and Development- post COVID
11 June Club of Rome Africa conference on Ethics Education as key for sustainable development
17 June speeches at HMK Germany Event Guarantee for Freedom of Religion is a Human right
11 June Berlin Germany Ike speech on Development Yes, but in
No Date Humboldt University Berlin - GKKE event on the SDG’s - Agenda 2030 which direction? A webinar on religious Communities and Sustainable Development – Points of departure for a post-2030 Development Agenda
14 June Transparency International Rwanda Ensuring that transparency Rwanda retains relevance through ethical integration of values in Education
15-16 June International Scientific Forum on Global Transformations – held in Moscow on Zoom - Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) with UNESCO and WAAS, and Club of Rome Ike contribution – The Limits of Growth in the 21st Century - Promoting World Peace through dialogue and values driven collaboration in Higher Education
14 July India webinar Teaching ethics in Management Drives Sustainable Development
15-20 August Retreat Lectures zoom at Aberdeen Scotland for Group of Students and HFSN sisters Lessons on Ethical Living founded on Spirituality and Education
7 September BMZ 60 years Religion and Leadership Cooperation of 60 years of BMZ
11 September Basel Mission 21 Switzerland Zom Conference OI speech: Between Racism and Respect; Christian Missions – Their Historical legacies and their Future
24 September European Academy of Science and Arts Salzburg, Austria General Assembly Ike participation and presentation of the work of toward promoting ethical education
21 to 24 October Kenya Nairobi physical conference at AACC Building Assisting African Churches develop guidelines in Ethical Investments (ACAP)

News & Events

Catholic Diocese of Enugu Celebrates Pontifical Mass in Honour of Engr. Hugo Olz

22nd April 2024

Holy Ghost Cathedral in Enugu hosts Pontifical Mass honouring Engr. Hugo Olz, a revered figure, with Bishop C.V.C Onaga leading solemn proceedings.

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CIDJAP Mourn's Hugo Olz

10th April 2024

CIDJAP mourns beloved benefactor, Hugo Olz, at Queen of Peace Chapel. Solemn Mass, heartfelt eulogy, and shared memories honour his legacy.

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