Book Title Author Year of Publication ISBN
Transformative Ethics and Education: A Tribute to Obiora Ike’s Contributions to Ethics in Higher Education Obiora F. Ike, Gregory Ebalu Ogbenika, Divya Singh, Blessed Frederick Ngonso, Peter Eshioke Egielewa, Ignace Haaz, Felix Okechukwu Ugwuozor, Amélé Adamavi-Aho Ekué, Meggy Kantert 2022 2813-4370 (Print), 2813-4389 (Online)
Ethics, Media, Theology and Development in Africa: A Festschrift in Honour of Msgr. Prof. Dr. Obiora Francis Ike Peter Eshioke Egielewa, Blessed Frederick Ngonso 2022 978-2-88931-484-3
Synod Acta: Acts and Declarations of the Third Synod of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu (2013) Obiora Ike, Benjamin Achi 2021 978-978-998-272-1
Faith and Action Rooted in Christ Reflections on Spirituality, Justice, and Ethical Living Obiora Ike, Chidi Ilechukwu 2021 978-2-88931-415-7
Mainstreaming Ethics in Higher Education Vol 2 Obiora Ike, Justus Mbae, Chidiebere Onyia, Herbert Makinda 2021 978-2-88931-383-9
Who Cares About Ethics? Obiora Ike, Amélé Adamavi-Aho Ekué, Anja Andriamasy, Lucy Howe López 2020 978-2-88931-381-5
Moral and Ethical Leadership, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution: African and Global Contexts Obiora Ike 2020 9782889313334
Applied Ethics to Issues of Development, Culture, Religion and Education Obiora Ike 2020 2889313360
Higher Education in Crisis: Sustaining Quality Assurance and Innovation in Research Through Applied Ethics Ikechukwu Ani, Obiora Ike 2019 2889313247
Ethics in Higher Education: Foundation for Sustainable Development Obiora Ike; Chidiebere Onyia 2018 2889312178
Ethics in Higher Education: Religions and Traditions in Nigeria Obiora Ike, Chidiebere Onyia 2018 2889312194
Mainstreaming Ethics in Higher Education: Research Ethics in Administration, Finance, Education, Environment and Law Obiora F Ike, Justus Mbae, Chidiebere Onyia 2018 2889313018
Poetry and Ethics: Inventing Possibilities in Which We Are Moved to Action and How We Live Together Obiora Ike, Andrea Grieder, Ignace Haaz 2018 2889312437
African Church Assets Programme ACAP II: Workshop Report, Nairobi 2017 William Otiende Ogara; Obiora Ike 2018 2889312372
A World for Everybody - Communicating Faith in the Diversity of Cultures: Inter-Religious Dialogue and Co-Existence Obiora F Ike 2016 9785398269
Global Ethics for Leadership: Values and Virtues for Life Christoph Stückelberger, Walter Fust, Obiora F Ike 2016 2889311228
Obiora Ike In His Own Words: A Shot at Immortality - Thoughts on Culture, Ethics, Society, Religion and Politics Chinedu P Chukwu 2016 9789531273
Prognostic Analysis on Theology Education Ethics and Development (TEED): Festschrift in Honour of Rev. Msgr. Prof. Dr. Obiora Ike Johnpaul Chudi Okolo 2016 9785398218
Africa Fund on Sustainability (AFOS) Microfinance Bank in Nigeria: Our Role Toward Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation Obiora Ike, Ndidi Nnoli Edozien 2016 9788062547
Catholic Social Teaching, Historical Overview and Application to the Challenges of Africa Obiora F Ike 2016 9785398234
Church and Society in Dialogue Obiora F Ike 2016 9785398234
Integral Development, Ethics, Governance, and Human Rights in the African Context: Festschrift in Honour of Prof. Dr. Obiora Ike on his 60th Birthday Emmanuel Franklyne O. Ogbunwezeh 2016 9789532881
Values Beyond Boundaries: Essays on Ethics, Politics and Corporate Governance Obiora Ike 2016 97897853982112
Emerging Trends in Gender, Health and Political Communication in Africa: A Publication in Honour of Professor Dr. Ikechukwu S. Ndolo - A World-Class Author, Teacher, Mentor and Leading Communicologist Ikechukwu Ndolo , Obiora Ike , Sunny Udeze 2015 9788506232
Wende dein Gesicht der Sonne zu Obiora Ike 2007 3629021573
Eternity is Love - Africa and the Legacy of Gaudium Et Spes: 40 Years After Obiora F Ike 2006 97807113517
Nigerian Prisons Hell Above Ground - Ten Years of Nigerian Congress of Catholic Prisons Pastoral Care (NCCPPC): Reflection and Action, 1994-2004 Obiora F Ike 2005 9788062539
Globalization and African Self-determination: What is our Future? Obiora Ike 2005 3889397530
Afrika in eigener Sache: Weisheit, Kultur und Leben der Igbo Obiora Ike, Ndidi Nnoli Edozien 2003 3889396917
Development is about People, Business is about Ethics Obiora Ike, Ndidi Nnoli Edozien 2003 9780492402
Evangelization and Renewal in the Church of Enugu Diocese in the Third Millennium "You shall be my Witnesses" (Acts 1:8): Acts and Declarations of the Second Synod of the Catholic Diocese of Enugu Ikechukwu Ani, Obiora F Ike 2002 9783467808
Understanding Africa: Traditional Legal Reasoning, Jurisprudence & Justice in Igboland as a basis for Culturally Rooted and Sustainable Development Obiora F Ike, Ndidi Nnoli Edozien 2001 9783467735
Face to Face with God: An Existential Contract Chukwudike Kanife, Obiora Ike 1999 9782952648
Freedom is More Than a Word: Towards a Theology of Empowerment Obiora F Ike 1998 9783467700
The Fantasy of Human Rights Obiora F Ike 1997 9783313894
Development Strategies and Financial Management of Projects Obiora F Ike; Willy Kawohl; Emmanuel Ome; Catholic Institute for Development, Justice, and Peace (Enugu, Nigeria); Christian Organisation for Research and Development (Nigeria) 1997 9783313886
Wer befreit ist, kann befreien: Verleihung des Schalom-Preises für Gerechtigkeit, Versöhnung und Frieden an Obiora F. Ike aus Nigeria (Only the free can liberate others: The award of the Shalom-Price for Justice, Reconciliation and Peace on Obiora F. Ike from Nigeria) Johannes Hoffmann; Obiora F Ike 1997 3889394256
Theology and Economy in Dialogue - Towards Social and Economic Justice for All: A Euro-African Dialogue Johannes Hoffmann, Emeka Ngwoke, Obiora F Ike 1996 9783313878
Towards an Indigenous African Church - A Post Synodal Theological Review of the Africa Synod in the Context of Nigeria: Lectures and Resolutions at the 7th Enugu Diocesan Priests' Annual Seminar (EDPAS) Obiora Ike, Ikechukwu Ani, Eugene Ugonna Igboaja 1996 9783313851
Faith and Life: Socio-Pastoral Reflections the Challenges Ahead Obiora Ike; Ugonna Igboaja 1994 9783254103
Human Rights, Human Dignity and Catholic Social Teachings: Lessons for the Church in Nigeria Obiora Ike, Ugonna Igboaja 1992 9782221414
Catholic Social Teachings En-route in Africa Obiora Ike 1991 978222135X
Inculturation: Where do we stand? Eugene Ugonna Igboaja, Obiora Ike 1990
Value, Meaning, and Social Structure of Human Work: With Reference to "Laborem Exercens" and Its Relevance for a Post-colonial African Society Obiora Ike 1986 3820496408

Here are some of his other works:
  • Die Reihe Ezi-Muoma Afrika Verstehen Nr. 1; Herausgeber: Ike/Hoffamnn.

  • Micro-enterprise Development Co-operation; International Best Practices in Micro-finance: Grameen Experience, Lessons for Nigeria, 2001, Enugu.

  • He contributed articles in the book entitled Africa in the Age of Globalization: Challenges of Culture Identity in an Interdependent Word (IKO Verlay Frankfurt, Edited by Lacia A Reisch.

  • UNDP Human Development Report, Millennium Edition, Lagos, Nigeria; 2000

  • African Self-determination in a Global Context: a Critical Appraisal of the Frankfurt-Hohenem Guidelines & Corporate Responsibility Rating Concept (Joint Published Oekologische Kommunication Band 8, Munich.

He was in the editorial Board that publishes the Bulletin of Ecumenical Theology, the New People Magazine, Nairobi, Kenya (1989 - 1995) and the Africa Envoy International Journal, Cologne.