Date: April 10th, 2024
CIDJAP Queen of Peace Chapel, 1 - 3 CIDJAP Street, Uwani, Enugu

In the quiet embrace of the CIDJAP Queen of Peace Chapel, amidst the gentle flicker of candles and the sober strains of hymns, CIDJAP family members gathered to bid farewell to a cherished benefactor, Hugo Olz. The sanctuary, filled to the brim with sorrowful hearts and tear-stained faces, bore witness to an outpouring of love and reverence for a man whose presence had graced CIDJAP VTTC, Enugu state, Nigeria and Africa with warmth, empowerment and development.

The Holy Mass commenced with a profound sense of solemnity as the choir's harmonious melodies intertwined with the murmurs of prayers offered for the departed soul. Each word of the liturgy seemed to echo the sentiments of grief and loss that resonated throughout the chapel, uniting the CIDJAP staff in their shared sorrow.

Father Paul Chidiebere Ani, a pillar of strength amidst the sea of mourners, delivered a touching eulogy that encapsulated the essence of Hugo's life—a life dedicated to service, compassion, and unwavering integrity. With words that resonated deep within the hearts of all present, Father Ani painted a portrait of Hugo's indomitable spirit, his boundless generosity, and his profound impact on the lives of CIDJAP VTTC.

As the Mass unfolded, memories of Hugo flooded the minds of the CIDJAP family—memories of his infectious laughter echoing through the halls, of his sage advice offered with a gentle smile, of his tireless commitment to the mission and vision of CIDJAP VTTC. Each anecdote shared among the grieving congregation served as a painful reminder of the void left behind by Hugo's departure.

Amidst the tears and the solemnity, there was also a sense of gratitude—for the privilege of having known and working with Hugo, for the lessons he imparted, and for the legacy he leaves behind. In the midst of sorrow, there bloomed a collective resolve to honour Hugo's memory by upholding the values he held dear—compassion, justice, and unwavering dedication to the betterment of society.

As the final notes of the hymn faded into the hushed stillness of the chapel, a sense of peace descended upon the congregation—a peace born not of absence but of the enduring presence of Hugo's spirit among them. Though he may no longer walk among the living, his legacy will continue to inspire and guide the CIDJAP family in the days and years to come.

And so, as the sun dipped below the horizon and the shadows lengthened, the CIDJAP family emerged from the sanctuary, their hearts heavy with sorrow yet buoyed by the knowledge that Hugo's spirit will forever dwell in the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing and working with him.

Rest in Peace, Hugo Olz.

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