Date: March 21st, 2024
Venue: Holy Ghost Cathedral, Catholic Diocese of Enugu.

Introduction: The Cathedraticum 2024, held at the Holy Ghost Cathedral Catholic Diocese of Enugu, marked a significant gathering for the Catholic community. Among the attendees was the Catholic Institute for Development Justice and Peace (CIDJAP), led by an International Scholar, Founding Director and President General of CIDJAP Very Rev. Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike (Onwa Global), a prominent figure in the Diocese. CIDJAP, a renowned organization committed to promoting development, justice, and peace within the Catholic ethos and beyond, made a remarkable and notable gesture, as it contributed to the grandeur of the occasion.

Attendance in Grand Style: CIDJAP's participation in the Cathedraticum event was nothing short of grandeur. The organization, represented by its executive members, staff, and volunteers, made a conspicuous presence at the ceremony. Dressed in glamour of the formal new attire, adorned with CIDJAP insignia, they added an aura of prestige to the occasion.

CIDJAP's Contribution: During the offering procession at the Cathedraticum 2024, CIDJAP made a remarkable donation of Two million Naira (₦2,000,000). This contribution exemplified CIDJAP's commitment to supporting the Catholic community and its various initiatives aimed at promoting development, justice, and peace within society. The Founding Director and President General of CIDJAP Very Rev. Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike, leading CIDJAP, demonstrated exemplary leadership by spearheading this generous donation.

Impact of the Donation: The donation made by CIDJAP holds significant implications for the Holy Ghost Cathedral and the broader Catholic Diocese of Enugu. The financial contribution will undoubtedly aid in the maintenance and enhancement of the cathedral's infrastructure, as well as support various charitable endeavors undertaken by the diocese. Additionally, CIDJAP's involvement fosters a sense of solidarity and communal support within the Catholic community, showcasing the organization's alignment with the values espoused by the Church.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the Cathedraticum event of 2024 witnessed CIDJAP, under the leadership of Very Rev. Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike an international icon of peace, making a profound impact through their generous donation. This act of benevolence exemplifies CIDJAP's unwavering commitment to supporting the Catholic Church's mission of service and justice in the Catholic Diocese of Enugu. Very Rev. Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike's leadership continues to inspire others to emulate the spirit of giving and compassion, thereby fostering positive change and transformation within the Diocese.

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