For everything on earth there is a time – Obiora Ike bows out as Executive Director

19th December 2022

After a tenure of almost seven years (May 2016 to December 2022) as the Executive Director of the international foundation, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, I am writing to let you know that it is time for me to take a bow of exit from the position. I am retiring to my country of birth in Africa, from where I will continue to engage in applied ethics and veritable values as tools for building up our fragile world – on the continent of Africa and in the global community.

It has been a great honour and privilege to serve the largest institution offering resources on applied ethics and to reach out to organisations and persons at every level, from the United Nations to local communities on all continents, institutions of higher education, and responsible stakeholders in education including regulators, governing councils, teachers, students and professionals.

Together, we have been able to focus on and escalate the integration of ethics in higher education as a key driver for change in the world. Through higher education, future ethical leadership for positive change and global engagement is nurtured.

I am indeed delighted to introduce my successor, Professor Dr Fadi Daou, who shall take the baton of responsibility to the next level. Fadi Daou – scholar, teacher, writer, intellectual, a man with a vision for global peace and cooperation – shall continue the good work of networking and deepening the agenda of a world for everybody founded on ethical principles through higher education.

I express my profound gratitude to the international board of Foundation, my friends and colleagues at the head office, the team in the regional and country offices, our network of engaged participants in over 138 countries united around ethical integration in life and society, and our stakeholders and all partners for the support and goodwill.

My engagement during these years underscores manifold levels of learning and interactions. Above all, the belief in our ability to share values of our common humanity beyond boundaries remains a moment of profound experience. I shall continue beyond office to engage the international human family, particularly the youth and their mentors, on the theme of education which is central for every human settlement. I will also pursue my service with by joining the Board of Foundation. I believe in a world for everybody and lay emphasis on the centrality of ethics as a constant burning need for people everywhere. Ethics and values are best transmitted through education.

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