Introduction: In the heart of Enugu, Nigeria, many persecuted Christians who have endured the trials of maltreatment and insurgency in Nigeria were brought together and given material relief, psychosocial and emotional support on regular basis.  In the year 2023, the Christian Solidarity International (CSI) and the Catholic Institute for Development, Justice Peace, and Caritas (CIDJAP) have been beacons of hope to many families. Through their collaborative efforts, many lives were transformed and empowered to pursue a brighter future.  This report delves into the profound impact of their initiatives on both existing and new beneficiaries, as well as the innovative strategies implemented to foster community resilience and financial stability.

Supporting Existing Beneficiaries: In 2023, CSI and CIDJAP extended vital support to five (5) existing beneficiaries, enabling them to sustain and expand their businesses despite past adversities. Other new ten families were helped to start a small-scale business in Enugu and beyond.  Those that have children in schools were helped to pay their school fees.  The project bought foo foo pounding machines for three beneficiaries and started provision, medicine store and foodstuff business for others.

The group were brought together to start a saving group.  They were given periodic business training on how to sustain their business.  The saving group serves as a platform for beneficiaries to share experiences, offer guidance, celebrate successes by nurturing a culture of collaboration and resilience. CSI and CIDJAP empowered these beneficiaries to overcome challenges collectively and thrive amidst uncertainty.

Conclusion: In the ever-changing landscape of Enugu, Nigeria CSI and CIDJAP stand as pillars of support and solidarity, illuminating paths of hope and prosperity for vulnerable individuals. Through their tireless efforts and innovative initiatives, countless individuals have been empowered to rebuild their lives, pursue their dreams, and contribute to the resilience and vibrancy of their communities.

News & Events

Msgr. Obiora Ike Delivers Keynote at Launch of Enugu's Ambitious Smart School Project

5th June 2024

Msgr. Obiora Ike delivered the keynote at Enugu's Smart School Project launch, highlighting the initiative's focus on technology and sustainability in education.

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CIDJAP and Akpakwume Na Nze Deliberate on Continuous Quality Improvement at Ukamaka Cottage Hospital Akpakwume

21th May 2024

CIDJAP and Akpakwume Na Nze meet at Bishop Eneja Hall to discuss Ukamaka Cottage Hospital's future and challenges, proposing solutions for improvement.

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