CIDJAP's 2-Day Seminar/Retreat

Enugu, 16-17 January, 2024

Day 1:


Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Chidiebere Paul Ani: The seminar/retreat commenced with a solemn Holy Mass celebrated by Reverend Father Chidiebere Paul Ani, setting a spiritually uplifting tone for the event.

Opening Prayer led by Sr. Anette Sullivan: Sr. Anette Sullivan led a heartfelt opening prayer, invoking divine guidance and blessings for the proceedings.

Opening Remarks by Rev. Fr. Chidiebere Paul Ani: Following the Mass, Rev. Fr. Chidiebere Paul Ani delivered opening remarks, expressing gratitude for the presence of attendees and setting the stage for the upcoming discussions.

The theme of the seminar/retreat delivered by Rev. Fr. Chidiebere Paul Ani: The central theme, “Serving, Integral Development, Justice and Charity: The Challenges Ahead,” was eloquently presented by Rev. Fr. Chidiebere Paul Ani, as directed by the Founding Director Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike. He specifically focused on work ethics, emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations in the pursuit of development, justice, and charity.

Comments and Questions: A session for comments and questions followed the theme presentation, encouraging active participation and engagement from the participants.

Review of Last Year’s Work: An assessment of the achievements and challenges of the previous year’s initiatives was conducted to provide insights into the progress made and areas for improvement.

Introduction of Sr. Veronica Gabriel: Sr. Veronica Gabriel from the Ursuline Sisters was introduced, enriching the seminar with her presence and expertise.

Closing Prayer: The Seminar/retreat came to an end with a closing prayer led by Sr. Bridget.

Day 2:

The Seminar/Retreat was presided over by the Founding Director and President General, Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike:

Keynote Address by Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike: The second day began with a powerful and inspiring keynote address by the Founding Director, an international Icon of Ethics, Peace and Justice, Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike offering valuable perspectives on the opportunities and future prospects for CIDJAP in the fields of development, justice, and charity.

Angelus led by One of the Ursuline Sisters: A spiritual interlude was provided through the Angelus, led by one of the Ursuline Sisters, fostering a sense of unity and reflection.

Plans for Activities of the Year by Each CIDJAP Unit Head: The latter part of the seminar involved unit heads sharing plans for the upcoming year. This included the Legal and Prisons Department planning a workshop with the lawyers and Police around March 28th and 29th 2024, Sponsorship Desk to increase funders engagement, awareness and prioritize poor persons in the education sponsorship, CIDJAP St. Joseph Nursery and Primary School, Caritas Desk, and VTTC Olu Aka Di Mma shared there plans respectively.

Introduction of Three Ursuline Sisters: The Founding Director and President General of CIDJAP, Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike introduced three Ursuline Sisters, enriching the event with their presence and their soon-to-be-felt contributions to the Catholic Institute for Development Justice and Peace Hospital at Akpakumenze.

The 2-day seminar/retreat successfully achieved its objectives by providing a platform for spiritual reflection, intellectual discourse, and collaborative planning for the upcoming year’s activities. The diverse range of contributions to a comprehensive exploration of the challenges and opportunities in serving integral development, justice, and charity.

CIDJAP's 2-Day Seminar/Retreat

CIDJAP's 2-Day Seminar/Retreat

CIDJAP's 2-Day Seminar/Retreat

CIDJAP's 2-Day Seminar/Retreat

CIDJAP's 2-Day Seminar/Retreat

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