Swiss Alternative Medicine (SAM) held the first International Health Congress on Integrative Oncology from 28th - 30th June 2019. The event was held at the World Council of Churches Headquarters in Geneva with the support of

As the first of its kind, the international congress aimed to contribute to the edifice of global health by addressing the challenges related to the treatment of non-communicable or chronic diseases. In line with the UN SDGs 2030 Goal 3 (Health) and 4 (Education), SAM has taken a bold step in launching this first international platform to encourage dialogue and action among healthcare professionals and academics.

The overall goal is to adopt integrative scientific protocols and methodologies in gathering empirical evidence from oncology practices and medicine around the world to initiate a new ethical paradigm in sustainable patient healthcare. As such, SAM advocates for an 'ethical and sustainable approach to health'.

During the event, Director, Obiora Ike gave a keynote speech titled 'When Ethics Becomes a Way of Life', in which he referred to ancient lessons of character and its timeless necessity. In Dr. Obiora's view, 'healthy living is grounded on living ethically'. Other contributions from the Network came from Dr. Ahn Tho Andres-Kammler, who spoke about the need for integrative care in treating mental illnesses, among other things.

The event brought together over 30 international speakers from recognized health and health-related institutions, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and Laboratoire MDG, and over 100 attendees.

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