Report on CIDJAP 2024 Easter Retreat

Date: 27th March, 2024
Venue: Ofuobi Africa Center

Participants: All CIDJAP Staff

Program of Event:

1. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Meditation: The Easter retreat organized by the Catholic Institute for Development Justice and Peace (CIDJAP) commenced with the solemn exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. This was followed by a period of meditation, allowing participants to reflect on the significance of the Easter season and deepen their spiritual connection with Christ.

2. Retreat Talk: "Carry Your Cross and Follow Me": The highlight of the retreat was a thought-provoking talk delivered by a visiting Reverend Father. The theme, "Carry Your Cross and Follow Me," urged participants to embrace the challenges and sacrifices inherent in their spiritual journey. The Reverend Father provided insightful reflections on the meaning of carrying one's cross and emphasized the importance of perseverance and faithfulness in following the path of Christ.

3. Confession: Participants had the opportunity for the sacrament of confession, facilitated by priests present at the retreat. This allowed individuals to seek reconciliation and spiritual renewal in preparation for the celebration of Easter.

4. Holy Mass: A reverent Holy Mass was celebrated, marking the central focus of the Easter retreat. Participants gathered to partake in the Eucharistic celebration, as they prepare in commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and affirming their faith in Him.

5. Group Photograph: Following the Holy Mass, a group photograph was taken to capture the collective spirit of fellowship and unity among the CIDJAP family. This served as a memento of the memorable occasion.

6. Refreshment: Refreshments were provided, allowing attendees to socialize and enjoy moments of camaraderie in a relaxed setting. This fostered a sense of community and strengthened bonds among participants.

7. Announcement by CIDJAP Director of Administration: The CIDJAP Director of Administration Mr. Goddy Ike made an important announcement regarding the resumption date after the Easter break. It was confirmed that operations would resume officially in CIDJAP office Secretariat on 8th April, 2024, ensuring clarity and alignment among staff members.

8. Conclusion: The CIDJAP 2024 Easter retreat at Ofuobi Africa Center provided participants with a spiritually enriching experience, marked by prayer, reflection, and fellowship. The retreat served as a time of renewal and rejuvenation, equipping individuals with a renewed sense of purpose as they prepared to return to their responsibilities. The announcement of the resumption date ensured smooth coordination and forward planning for CIDJAP staff members.

Report on CIDJAP 2024 Easter Retreat

Report on CIDJAP 2024 Easter Retreat

Report on CIDJAP 2024 Easter Retreat

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