Date: 7th March, 2024
Venue: VTTC Olu Aka Di Mma, Coal camp, Enugu

Program of Event:

Holy Mass: The ceremony commenced with a solemn Holy Mass celebrated by the Deputy Director of CIDJAP Rev. Fr. Chidiebere Paul Ani, setting a tone of reverence and gratitude for the journey of the graduands.

Recognition of the Members of the High Table: Dignitaries and esteemed guests were acknowledged and honored, highlighting their contributions to the success of the institution and the students.

Ushering in of the Graduands: The graduands were ushered in with pride and anticipation, marking the beginning of their transition from students to professionals.

Opening Prayer: A moment of prayer was observed, invoking blessings upon the ceremony and the future endeavors of the graduands.

National Anthem/VTTC Anthem: Patriotism and institutional pride were displayed through the singing of the Nigerian National Anthem and the VTTC Anthem, symbolizing unity and allegiance.

Presentation of Kolanut: A traditional presentation of colanut was made, signifying hospitality, respect, and communal bonding among attendees.

Opening Remarks: The opening remarks was said by the Deputy Director of CIDJAP Rev. Fr. Chidiebere Paul Ani setting the stage for the ceremony, expressing gratitude the President and Founding Director of CIDJAP Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike, reflecting on his lifestyle of visionary leadership, achievements and motivating the graduands to emulate Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike selfless service to mankind as they journey ahead in life.

Welcome Address: The welcome address read by the VTTC Academic Supervisor Mrs. Dominica Chinekwu extended a warm reception to the President General of CIDJAP Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike and to all attendees, emphasizing the significance of the occasion and acknowledging the hard work of the graduands.

Cutting of the Graduation Cake: A symbolic moment of the celebration, the cutting of the graduation cake marked the culmination of years of dedication and perseverance by the graduands.

Graduation Lecture: An enlightening graduation lecture was delivered, by an ITF representative imparting wisdom, inspiration, and practical insights to guide the graduands in their professional endeavors.

Entertainment by VTTC Cultural Group: Cultural performances added vibrancy and diversity to the ceremony, showcasing the rich heritage and talents of the VTTC community.

Light Refreshment: A brief interlude for light refreshments provided an opportunity for networking, socializing, and celebrating with fellow attendees.

Recognition of the Best Academic and Practical Students: Outstanding academic and practical achievements were recognized and celebrated, honoring excellence and dedication in vocational training.

Speech by the Representative of All Best Trainees: A representative of the best trainees delivered a heartfelt speech, expressing gratitude, sharing experiences, and inspiring fellow graduands.

Piece of Advice by FIDESCO Representative Ferdinand Meryer: A representative from FIDESCO offered valuable advice and encouragement, emphasizing the importance of integrity, resilience, and continuous learning in professional life.

Vote of Thanks: A vote of thanks anchored by the Coordinator of VTTC Mr. Samuel Odo expressed appreciation to the President General of CIDJAP Msgr. Professor Obiora Ike, staff from CIDJAP secretariat and all who contributed to the success of the ceremony, including VTTC trainers, funders, and well-wishers.

Closing Prayer: The ceremony concluded with a closing prayer, invoking blessings for the future endeavors and success of the graduands as they embark on their professional journeys.

The 2024 VTTC Olu Aka Di Mma Graduation Ceremony was a testament to the dedication, hard work, and achievements of the graduands, marking a significant milestone in their professional development and serving as a source of inspiration for future generations of vocational trainees.

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