The University of Abuja, and Lux Terra Leadership Foundation are organising an International Conference on Managing and Teaching Ethics in Higher Education on 18 October 2018 at the Ibeto Hotel, Abuja (Nigeria).

This conference is designed as a multi-stakeholder meeting for higher education leadership, teachers, researchers and students as well as for government, NGO and employer representatives and supporter within the field of education.

During the conference there will be opportunities to exchange knowledge, experiences and learning for the mutual benefit of participants and the wider community on issues of current concern in society such as growing corruption, apathy, mediocrity and lack of quality in places where young people are formed, including in the higher education sector. It will examine leadership and accountability and the challenges in the sector, the pressure on higher education institutions (HEIs) to deliver education that meets the various standards and requirements, with content that is relevant, taught well and of good quality and research that is evidence-based and innovative in their key disciplines. Moreover, internal issues such as sexual harassment, discrimination and exclusion of young people, women and cultural minorities also are in much need of attention.

Registration for the conference is free of charge. Please send an e-mail to by 18 September 2018.

Provisional conference programme

08:30Arrivals, Registration and Refreshments
10:00Welcome and opening remarks
10:40Introduction: ‘Towards a New Vision, Mission and Practice for Ethics in Higher Education'
10:50Keynote 1: ‘Promoting Ethics in Higher Education: the challenges and opportunities in Nigerian universities'
11:10Panel 1: ‘Ethical leadership: how to create a culture of accountability in your organisation/institute'
12:00Panel 2: ‘Challenges in Higher education: exploring the field in (West) Africa'
14:00Panel 3: ‘An holistic approach to improving Higher Education'
15:00Panel 4: ‘From Ethics Education to Ethical Transformation of Teachers and Students'
16:00Plenary discussion and questions to the panellists and closing remarks

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