Online Book Launch: Globalance, Action for a Balanced World Post-COVID

13th November, 2020

The book 'Globalance: Ethics handbook for a Balanced World Post-COVID' was written by founder and President of, Christoph St├╝ckelberger. The book was written from a value-driven perspective, and emphasises the role of interdependence in achieving a dynamic balance. The author noted the alarming rise in polarisation, and how destruction of opposition has become the norm. The author offers an alternative path, and instead of destroying the opposition, advocates to seek balance. The author explained balance as 'being in constant relation and interaction'. Essentially, instead of it being 'either or', this book aims at going for both.

"The book comes at the right time, to give us inspiration to live together, globally and peacefully."
- Doris Leuthard, former Minister of Environment of the Government of Switzerland

The book launch was accompanied by a world-renown panel, including Prof. Dr Liu Baocheng and Prof Dr Divya Sing, with special appearance by Prof. Dr Ernst Ulrich von Weizs├Ącker, former Co-President of the Club of Rome. Doris Leuthard, former Minister of Environment of the Government of Switzerland, emphasised the need for 'bridge builders'.

In her former role as President of the Swiss Federation, she noted that one must first agree on values, and once this is achieved, establishing whether priorities are aligned. She noted the importance of greater cooperation and multi-stakeholder dialogue to succeed in a healthy balance, which are also necessary to dismantle hierarchies based solely on power. She concluded her talk by highlighting the importance of making decisions, but also taking responsibility for those decisions.

During the online book launch, Executive Director, Prof. Dr Obiora Ike moderated the panel to answer some of the following questions:

■ How can we transform current disruptions, polarizations and imbalances in the world into a new dynamic world order and global balance?
■ How can ethics contribute to this transition with a balance of values and virtues?
■ How can we effect needed change in our current conditions in the world post-Covid?

To find out more and follow discussion, watch the online book launch. You can also download the book for free by visiting Publications.

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