Msgr. Prof. Dr. Obiora Ike participates at the Institute of Humanities 2023 Conference

Msgr. Prof. Dr. Obiora Ike spoke at the Institute of Humanities 2023 Conference of the Pan African University, Lagos, on Thursday, 31st August 2023.

The IOH Conference 2023, themed "Envisioning Education through a Human Dignity Lens: Opportunities and Challenges in a Developing Nation," is an online half-day event via the Microsoft Teams platform.

Msgr. Prof. Dr. Obiora Ike's panel discussion entitled "Global Issues in Education for Human Dignity in a Rapidly Changing World" featured Dr. Jane Wathuta and Dr. Ernst Von Kimakowtz and was moderated by Dr. Ikechukwu Obiaya.

Mr. Blaise Chukwura, on behalf of the Conference organisers, thanked Msgr. Prof. Ike, for accepting to be a part of the IOH 2023 Conference, which brings together outstanding scholars from Africa and beyond to contribute to dialogues promoting the common good in developing nations.

The Institute of Humanities 2023 Conference focuses on human dignity in education since quality education is the fourth of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by various developing countries to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Holistic education includes raising awareness about human dignity and fostering respect for the dignity of every member of the human species, which is a task that can enrich the educational system in developing nations. Increased appreciation of the value of human life backed by actions that promote human flourishing can relieve human suffering.

In exploring the wealth of contributions that each young mind can make to the development of their society, one can glimpse the urgency of enriching academic learning with knowledge and practices that promote holistic approaches to human flourishing rooted in the dignity of each person.

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