Ethics in action guarantees the protection of human dignity: Obiora Ike speaks at Hilfsaktion Märtyrerkirche

On 17 September 2022, Executive Director Prof Dr Obiora Ike had the privilege to address the Congress of German Hilfsaktion Märtyrerkirche (HMK) Assembly near Frankfurt, Germany. During his lecture, Prof Dr Ike first captivated the audience with his tongue-in-cheek comparisons between Germany and Nigeria, where he was born. He praised the family-oriented values there and the focus on children as the future.

But his later comments on the human rights violations in the region left listeners speechless: thousands of Christians have been murdered this year by extremist Islamist terrorists, Fulani rebels, Islamic State, and Boko Haram. In some instances, he revealed, "a Christian first name is enough to be suspected and arrested".

For Dr Ike, the Christian faith is a way of life. In concluding his speech, he called for his fellow Christians around the world, but especially in Europe, to wake up and act against persecution: "God is good - everyone needs to know that."

"Ethics in action guarantees the protection of human dignity", "People are more important than money and everything else", and "Education gives a child a key to the future". The messages shared by Prof Dr Ike at the HMK Assembly were clear. Empowering our young people through ethical education is critical for the future of the earth and of humanity.

Read more about the Dr. Ike's presentation by Klaus Roesler here.

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