New Cooperation Agreement: Beder University College
Prof Ferdinand Gjana and Dr Obiora Ike at the Portugal conference in Lisbon, 27 Jan 2020

11th March, 2021 recently signed a new cooperation agreement with the Bedër University College in Tirana, Albania, which came into effect on the 1 March 2021. The Cooperation agreement is rooted in the shared goal of promoting ethics in higher education. The agreement also aims to create synergies and to strengthen the implementation of the objectives of the respective organisations.

Executive Director of, Obiora Ike noted "the words 'ethics' and 'values' mentioned during their presentations at the Portugal conference in Lisbon on 27 January 2020 organised by the Global Leaders for Tolerance, with participants of thought from around the globe initiated the spark and synergy".

At the conference, both Prof Ferdinand Gjana, CEO of Beder College University Tirana and Obiora Ike, Executive Director of took the opportunity to address the central role of ethics as the heart and permanent feature for a new global system, through training of the next generation of youth, their teachers and institutions in the values that are sustainable for life and society.

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