As the year 2017 comes to a gradual end, we at announce with joy and gratitude a message of Hope, Optimism and Courage to all our partners, participants, members, friends and well-wishers from around the globe.

At we have worked hard in collaboration with you and with our partners who train the young in universities and institutions of higher education, to establish frameworks that address the United Nations sustainable development goals, through the integration of ethics across sectors and particularly of ethics in higher education.

During the outgoing year, was able to reach out to millions of people through our network and activities; with our resources, publications, digital and accessible free online library, conferences, meetings and seminars with research materials, - all, addressing the gaps we experience on why things go wrong at various levels and across sectors. The answer is simple: when ethics and values are absent amongst humans and their institutions, vices and corruption cases increase.

The challenge of producing the next generation of responsible leaders in the political, social, economic, digital, technological and cultural-religious spheres does not happen in a vacuum. It can only happen when the positive and rational potentials of humankind are galvanized through an all round education that promotes values, virtues and ethics for the creation of a more ethical society. The present aberrations are often arguably due to the lack of an ethical and moral compass of those who lead others.

Looking at the path of humanity at this period of great global transformations, with its "birth pains" of fears, depression and insecurity, the landscape at all levels gives an unprecedented image of a world in tumult and crisis. Yes, historical events unfold dark moments of the dramatic year 2017 and the TV screens show growing inequality, demonstrations across the globe, new slavery and migrants on the move for shelter and protection; senseless wars that damage life, nature and culture, xenophobia, populist ideologies and extremism, which indeed pose threats and provoke images of a potential nuclear war.

Yet, at we are strong in our optimism and message of Hope not Fear as we believe in humanity's experience, grounded on reason, history and the determination to dare apathy and doubt, to conquer fears and concerns.

Even as threats of war, nay of nuclear tirades continue to make the news, the majority of voices around the globe refuse war and expose it as a wasteful activity that shames humanity. War eats up greedily into nature's resources with everything sacrificed to attain victory. It consumes lives, especially of the innocent, and destroys civilizations.

The young want Peace. The youth of the world want education, freedom, human rights, basic food and shelter, clean water and the progress of peoples through integral development. They do not want war and the majority of humankind do not wish for war.

With this message of renewed belief in humankind and our ability to do good and transform the landscape, we at wish all our readers on the eve of the new year many happy returns and safe journeys to unite with family and friends to celebrate Christmas.

We look forward to serving you better in the new year and hereby announce the Globethics Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education/Global Ethics Forum 2018 for 20 - 23 June 2018. We shall continue to challenge the doubts and apathy by many and insist that only such trees that grow and yield the desired rich harvests and fruits, the seeds of which are sown and nurtured on good ground, watered with nutrients and protected from devastating worms. This is our mandate at We plant the seeds with you!

Prof. Dr. Obiora Francis Ike Executive Director

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