Highlighting the role of Academia to achieve values-based societies

28 January 2020

Globethics.net was invited to attend and participate in the International Summit for Balanced and Inclusive Education, held in Djibouti City, Djibouti.

The event, which brought together government representatives, civil society organisations and academic entities, sought to establish platforms and mechanisms of solidarity-based technical and financial cooperation and support for educational reforms.

Globethics.net Executive Director, Dr Obiora Ike, was invited to deliver a speech on the place of values in education. During his speech, Dr Ike offered four brief points:

(1) the primary function of academia is to make positive contributions to societies through values, which empowers all stakeholders;

(2) academia has a vital role in the transformation of society to encourage the development of ethical and critical thinking;

(3) higher education has the potential to create inclusive societies that respect diversity; and

(4) Globethics.net is growing a Consortium of higher education institutions with the aim of integrating ethics in higher education.

A live stream of the event can be viewed here (Dr Ike's speech starts at 06:08:52).

With 'inclusion' as one of its core institutional values, Globethics.net is committed to supporting efforts which overcome exclusion and recognise equality, justice and fairness for all.

The III ForumBIE 2030, organised by the Education Relief Foundation, is a series of conferences that seek to promote and embed a balanced and inclusive education by influencing policy developments, capacity building and civil society engagements.

For more information about III ForumBIE 2030, visit www.educationrelief.org.

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