28th April 2023

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Global Institute for Tomorrow, GIFT.ed inaugural keynote discussion, on Friday, 28th April, 2023, held a virtual discussion with Monsignor Professor Doctor Obiora Francis Ike, who provided in-depth educational and inspirational answers to global questions to enable people take positive action in personal and professional spheres.

The GIFT.ed inaugural keynote conversation with Monsignor Professor Doctor Obiora Francis Ike, provided wisdom and knowledge to the GIFT.ed platform, to bolster the good works for a humanity built on win-win principles of live and let live, newness in global relations founded on sincerity of purpose and living the principles for equality, human dignity, reciprocity and more respect for peoples and their sovereignty.

Monsignor Professor Doctor Obiora Francis Ike said that people on earth can do better as individuals and nations to fulfil the task for the future, which is a good reason to live and work for.

The virtual inaugural keynote discussion featured insightful speakers like Jeffrey Sachs and Jane Goodall.

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