Date: 26th April 2024 
Venue: Ofuobi Africa Center, Enugu

Presiding: Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike, Founding Director and President General of CIDJAP

Key CIDJAP Management staff, All Ofuobi African Center staff, Manager of Aron suites and IT Consultant.

Opening Prayer
Opening Remarks
Presentation on Strengthening Ofuobi's Visibility
Subunit Interactive Evaluation
Discussion on Challenging Outcomes
Closing Remarks
Closing Prayer

The CIDJAP Management CQI meeting on April 26, 2024, convened by Msgr. Prof. Obiora Ike aimed to assess and enhance Ofuobi Africa Center's operations. Key stakeholders, including an IT consultancy representative and CIDJAP officials, were present, and the meeting focused on bolstering Ofuobi's visibility and efficacy in the face of dynamic challenges. This report encapsulates the meeting's discussions, evaluations, and strategic insights, emphasizing collaborative efforts toward continuous improvement and sustainable growth. It highlights CIDJAP's commitment to excellence and service delivery, reflecting a shared vision for advancing Ofuobi and affiliated initiatives.

Meeting Proceedings:
Opening Prayer: Msgr. Obiora Ike led the opening prayer, which invoked divine guidance and blessings upon the gathering.

Opening Remarks: Msgr. Obiora Ike delivered the opening remarks, setting the tone for the meeting and emphasizing the importance of continuous quality improvement within CIDJAP and its associated institutions.

Presentation on Strengthening Ofuobi's Visibility: Mr. Chinedu Chukwu from the IT consultancy firm provided insights into the necessity and methods for enhancing Ofuobi's visibility. This presentation, in the interim, covered strategies such as more content for website optimization and leveraging other emailing platforms; however, a more focused meeting with Mr. Chinedu will be scheduled sometime in May for a comprehensive discussion.

Subunit Interactive Evaluation: Various subunits within the Ofuobi African Centre, including Housekeeping, Administration, the general manager (Night Supervisor and Weekend Manager), Security, and Gardeners, participated in an interactive evaluation session. Each subunit provided feedback on its respective areas of operation, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Discussion on Challenging Outcomes: Following the evaluation, the entire management engaged in a discussion to address challenging outcomes identified during the evaluation process. This discussion aimed to delve deeper into the root causes of issues and brainstorm real-time solutions to enhance operational efficiency and service quality.

Conclusion: Msgr. Obiora Ike concluded the meeting by summarizing key points discussed and reiterating CIDJAP's commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in service delivery in all arms.

Closing Remarks: Barr. Mrs. P.C Egbuna delivered closing remarks, expressing gratitude to all attendees for their active participation and emphasizing the importance of implementing the proposed solutions to enhance Ofuobi's optimal productive operations.

Closing Prayer: Fr. Ambrose Ofodile offered a closing prayer, seeking divine guidance and blessings for the successful implementation of the decisions taken during the meeting.

Action Items: Following the meeting, action items were assigned to relevant individuals and departments to implement the agreed-upon solutions and improvements identified during the evaluation and discussion sessions.

Next Steps: The next steps would involve monitoring the progress of implementing action items, conducting follow-up meetings as necessary, and continually assessing and refining processes to ensure sustained improvement in Ofuobi's operations and overall performance.

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