3rd December, 2020

Nothing about year 2020 is usual. Uncertainty has been the term and COVID 19 a trigger. As we approach the end of year 2020 and look forward to year 2021, we become aware of endings and new beginnings. How overwhelmed we are by the myriads of endings and beginnings that crowd our daily lives.The Corona virus brought dysfunctional situations into the global system – disrupting everything we thought we knew or controlled and sending millions to early death. While the sick are still struggling, fears persist. We have never seen something like this in all our lifetime. Covid 19 has even challenged the most powerful country on earth and got it to vote out a sitting president, Donald J. Trump.

We have seen the monumental and damaging pains unleashed on families and businesses, especially the vulnerable and the unfathomable devastations on the gains of globalization and international co-operation.Global travels are on limbo and forced lockdowns of towns, countries within and between nations have became a new slogan. During this unusual year, economic declines brought back poverty to many lives some left several years ago. It heightened political tensions and disarmed the powerful actors on the world stage leaving them without answers to basic questions.

Undoubtedly, life will be different from now on. There are clamours that the post Covid 19 era be an opportunity for a new and positive dawn for entire humanity. Compared to the ashes of the Second World war from which emerged the birth of the United Nations including the European Union, the de-colonisation efforts and independence of many African and Asian countries; the foundation for many global institutions such as the WHO, the UNCHR, the Marshall Plan, there is hope by stakeholders that the lessons of these unusual times be translated into positive moments for the global family.

We need to ignite in ourselves and in others the future-directed mind-set. We need to reflect on life’s priorities and indeed, the essence and true meaning of life, often taken for granted. It is Christmas and the message is not new. Jesus Christ lived some 2000 years ago and this period reminds both believers and others of his name and birth. Christmas is celebratedby entire humanity listening to the message of Jesus for a new path of love, of solidarity and mutual respect amongst humans. Jesus message remains essentially the one message – that here on earth, we can chose our endings and avoid endings chose for us.

It is the time we recognise much more our interdependence and common destiny and dignity as humans called to live in peace by giving others peace. Globethics.net is filling the space by calling teachers, institutions, professionals and students to entrench ethical reasoning in their moral compass by changing attitudes and ways that negate the common good.

We are invited to learn gratitude for the simple things of daily life and to appreciate one another. There is new challenge to reflect onour work ethics; engage in activities that serve and promote others; reduce unnecessary carbon footprint; improvetime spent in relationships within the family, the neighbourhood and community. The Board, Management and entire Team at Globethics.net in Geneva and our global networks extends best wishes for a happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you all.

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