Book Title Catholic Social Teaching, Historical Overview and Application to the Challenges of Africa
Author Obiora F Ike
Publisher BEW IT Ltd
Year of Publication 2005
Language English
ISBN 9785398234
No. of Pages 230
About this book

TIf Chinedu Chukwu of BEW IT LTD and JohnPaul Okolo of the CIDJAP did not get to the root of compiling these papers into a readable literature, the book you have in your hands would still remain in my library as an archive material gathering dust.

I have therefore good reason to extend profound gratitude to these gentlemen for the painstaking effort in editing and collation of the various papers into one readable volume.

The book and the various articles span papers presented in two decades. What our ancients teach is that scripta manent (what is written stays). Share the joys and spirit of this research and our effort in helping found our faith actions on sound reason, good conscience and common sense. It is a gift to you the reader on my 60th birthday anniversary and 30th year of priesthood.

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Christmas message 2021 - Christmas calls us to hope beyond despair

22nd December 2021

2021 is drawing to a close and it is Christmas once again. As we celebrate, many of the fundamental questions for humanity remain. What is the purpose of it all? Why are we here? Why are things getting worse, with poverty increasing in a world that could satisfy the needs of all people?

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Msgr. Ike Appointed Umuchinemere Bank's Director and Chairman

21st December 2021

Umuchinemere Bank Board elected Msgr. Ike the Chairman of the Board with effect from 1st January 2022, to replace the retiring Fr. Aguigwo, who had served as the Chairman of the Bank since 2020.

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