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Obiora Francis Ike, is the Founder in 1986 and Director of the first Nigerian Ethics Research Centre, the Catholic Institute of Development, Justice, Peace and Caritas (CIDJAP), Enugu. A Catholic Priest and Prelate (Monsignor) with over 35 years of pastoral work, he studied in five countries and obtained distinctions in double degrees of B.Theol. and B.Phil (Nigeria/Rome); M.Phil and M.Theol (Austria); Doctor of Theology (Bonn, Germany); Diploma in Journalism (London).

He speaks several foreign languages besides English, Hausa and Igbo with certificates in Latin, French, German, Hebrew and Greek. Ike is a scholar and academic with over 117 published works in five languages.

A leading voice and public speaker across Africa and Europe, he is Professor and Chair for Ethics and Intercultural Studies at the Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu. Previously he was visiting Professor at the Frankfurt Goethe University Germany and the Theologische Faculteit, Tilburg, The Netherlands. A member of the European Academy of Science and Arts, The New York Academy of Science and Arts and the Africa Studies Association, Ike is engaged in many social, pastoral and scholarship activities and is founder and director of over 17 Civil Society Organisations (NGO,s) in Nigeria and abroad.

He is active on the economic scene including the Co-Founding of the leading Nigerian Umuchinemere Microfinance Bank with 22 branches and an asset of over three billion naira as at 2015. He is currently Chairman of the board of the bank, as well as Chairman of the Government Economic Advisory Committee of Enugu State, Nigeria.

Professor Dr. Obiora Ike is a grassroots development practitioner with a passion for culturally-rooted development models and African self-determination. A Human Rights Activist, he founded the Nigerian Congress of Catholic Prisons Pastoral Care for the freedom of prisoners.

Obiora Ike has a life motto which revolves around People, Community, Values-driven Leadership and the Common Good. He has a wide range of human resources activities which address human promotion, youth development, poverty eradication, scholarships for disadvantaged persons, health projects and engagement in conflict management and Interreligious Dialogue.

A recipient of over 50 national, local and international awards, he is President of the Club of Rome, Nigeria Chapter since 2006 and was recently appointed to head the Geneva based Global Ethics Centre ( as the Executive Director from 2016.

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Msgr. Ike attends the Christian Solidarity International round table in Abuja
Msgr. Ike attended the Christian Solidarity International round table on "Religious persecution and the defense of human right - Focus on Maiduguri".

Msgr. Ike made an intervention at the Abuja meeting held on the 18th of June, 2014.

Prof. Ike speaks at Political Summit in Abuja
Prof. Ike delivered the lead paper at the All Nigerian Political Summit held at the International Conference Center, Abuja. The title of the paper was "Leading by example: Patrotic values, political virtues and loyal opposition."

The Summit was attended by President Goodluck Jonathan, two past Heads of State, past Vice Presidents and Who is Who in Nigeria Politics. The event took place on the 12th of June, 2014.

Msgr. Ike speaks in Ahaus, Germany
Msgr. Ike attended a church event in Ahaus, Germany where he gave a speech titled "The value of the family as foundation of society."

The speech was presented during the Diamond Jubilee of Paul and Marlis Groten. The event took place on the 10th of June, 2014.

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